Chimpanzee 5'-EST

Clone Identifier of 5'-EST sequences. Clone IDs (PstA, etc.) denote cDNA libraries from which they are derived. (see cDNA libraries in this page.) If the sequence is submitted to DDBJ/EMBL/GenBank, link is available.
Length Nucleotide sequence length (bp).
Hit Number of homologous RefSeq sequences obtained from BLAST search results (E = 1e-60).
Block Number of homologous sequence blocks between the chimpanzee-human top hit pair. For the top hit, NMs (curated mRNAs) were prefered than NRs (curated ncRNA) in case the same score with them.
E value The statistical significance threshold for reporting matches against database sequences. Lower E values are more stringent.
Length of 5'-UTR Available for RefSeq NM (curated mRNA) homologs. The length (bp) of 5'-UTR (untranslated region: upstream region from translation start site (TSS)) was assigned by comparison to RefSeq mRNAs. Minus value denotes length downstream from TSS of RefSeq. Parentheses denote putative length, because of non-alignable TSSs between human and chimpanzee.

Human RefSeq

Location Mapped position on the human chromosome. (ex. "10p15.3" denotes chromosome 10, p (short) arm and 15.3 band)
Length Nucleotide sequence length (bp).
Length of 5'-UTR Available for NM (curated mRNA) sequences.
Accession number Identifier of RefSeq sequences. Sequences with acccession prefixes of NM (curated mRNA) or NR (curated ncRNA) were used.
Definition RefSeq definition describing the approved gene name, HUGO gene symbol, etc..

Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) cDNA libraries (Prefixes of clone IDs)

PccA, PccB Brain, cerebellum cortex
PflB, PflC Brain, cerebrum cortex, frontal lobe (right hemisphere)
PorA, PorB Brain, cerebrum cortex, occipital lobe (right hemisphere)
PlvA Liver
PstA Skin, epidermal tissue