Library data

In this page, the statistics of the cDNA libraries and sequences contained in PRIGEN are described. Chimpanzee 5'-ESTs were annotated by comparing to human RefSeq transcripts.

Table 1. Chimpanzee cDNA libraries and sequences.

IndividualsOrgans or tissuescDNA librariesNo. of 5'-ESTs
Female, 11 yrs. old *BrainCerebellum cortexPccA, PccB2,50310,405
Cerebrum cortex, frontal lobe (right)PflB, PflC6,345
Cerebrum cortex, occipital lobe (right)PorA, PorB1,557
Male, 19 yrs. old **Skin, epidermal tissuePstA3,513
* Tissue was obtained by autopsy from individuals that died of illness. Age of the female was corrected on Sep. 15, 2006 (23->11). We are sorry for inconvenience.
** About 10 g of skin tissue was obtained by biopsy.


Figure 1. Annotation of Chimpanzee 5'-ESTs by comparing to human RefSeq transcripts.
a. Classification by BLAST search (E = 1e-120). 10,180 5'-ESTs were homologous to human RefSeq transcripts (NM and NR) ***.
b. Numbers of annotated 5'-ESTs (RefSeq homologs). The total number of RefSeq transcripts was 5,341, including redundancy. In total 3,942 unique RefSeq transcripts were obtained.

*** Release 23 (May 8, 2007). Sequences with acccession prefixes of NM (curated mRNA) or NR (curated ncRNA) were used.