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Updated on Jul 16, 2019


PRIGEN (PRImate GENes) is a database of chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes verus) cDNAs. The cDNA sequences were derived from full-length cDNA (FLcDNA) libraries of various tissues using the oligo-capping method. We first sequenced 5'-ends of randomly selected clones from the libraries and then started full-length sequencing. The sequences were annotated using similarity searches against NCBI human RefSeq transcripts. PRIGEN currently provides keyword and BLAST searches against 14,004 5'-end cDNA (5'-EST) sequences.


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Chimpanzee FLcDNAs (flcdna_90.fas.gz, 52 KB)
Sakate et al. (2007) and Osada and Wu (2005)
[Acc# AB188273-AB188288 and AB222102-AB222175, 90 sequences]

Chimpanzee 5'-ESTs (est_1947.fas.gz, 244 KB)
Sakate et al. (2003)
[Acc# AU296732-AU298678, 1,947 sequences]


Whole-genome sequencing of tibetan macaque (Macaca Thibetana) provides new insight into the macaque evolutionary history.
Fan Z, Zhao G, Li P, Osada N, Xing J, Yi Y, Du L, Silva P, Wang H, Sakate R, Zhang X, Xu H, Yue B, Li J.
Mol Biol Evol. 31: 1475-89 (2014)
NCBI Sequence Read Archive: SRP032525

Whole-genome sequencing and analysis of the Malaysian cynomolgus macaque (Macaca fascicularis) genome.
Higashino A, Sakate R, Kameoka Y, Takahashi I, Hirata M, Tanuma R, Masui T, Yasutomi Y, Osada N.
Genome Biol. 13: R58 (2012)
DDBJ Sequence Read Archive: DRA000430 (70 MB)

Mapping of chimpanzee full-length cDNAs onto the human genome unveils large potential divergence of the transcriptome.
Sakate R, Suto Y, Imanishi T, Tanoue T, Hida M, Hayasaka I, Kusuda J, Gojobori T, Hashimoto K, Hirai M.
Gene 399: 1-10 (2007)
Supplementary_files.tar.gz (2.4 MB)

Inferring the Mode of Speciation From Genomic Data. A Study of the Great Apes.
Osada N, Wu CI.
Genetics 169: 259-64 (2005)

Analysis of 5'-End Sequences of Chimpanzee cDNAs.
Sakate R, Osada N, Hida M, Sugano S, Hayasaka I, Shimohira N, Yanagi S, Suto Y, Hashimoto K, Hirai M.
Genome Res. 13: 1022-6 (2003)


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